Presentation: Tax tips for new immigrants

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To make it easier for you to prepare meeting materials, we’ve developed these slides on tax tips for new Canadian residents. The presentation is in a Word file to make it simpler to customize the content to your client’s needs.

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Presentation: Tax tips for new immigrants


As a new resident to Canada, you could have some tax concerns if you have foreign wealth.


If you have a foreign trust, depending on the country of residence, you could be hit with a huge tax bill if you try to make that trust resident in Canada. Or, doing so might actually save you money.

So it’s important to understand the rules.


One idea is to establish an inbound trust. This lets a Canadian non-resident transfer the gift or inheritance directly to that trust, with the Canadian resident as a beneficiary.


How does this help? The income and gains earned in the trust accumulate on a tax-free basis.


Another tax-saving strategy? If you’re married, consider establishing a spousal loan in order to split income.

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