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Estate planning checklist

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No one wants to think about dying. But if you don’t plan for your final days, it could cause additional stress to your family and friends, especially at a time when they’ll be grieving.

So use this checklist to create a “just-in-case” file. And make sure your executor(s) know where this information is stored.

    • Vital statistics (self, partner, children and other beneficiaries)
    • Information about Powers of Attorney for financial and personal care

  • Contact details of advisors, accountants, lawyers, and other professionals
  • Location of the original will and partner’s will
  • Details about funeral arrangements and cemetery plot
  • Safety deposit box information
  • Other important documents, including: birth certificates; marriage certificates; separation/divorce papers; citizenship and passports; medical records; income tax returns; banking, mortgage, loan, real estate and investment records; vehicle ownership; prenuptial, separation, cohabitation agreements; and custody/adoption records
  • Household accounts (include provider, account number, and contact information), including: bank account information; investment account information; pension plans; annuities; valuable personal assets; real estate; business interests; insurance (life, disability, CI, long-term-care, etc.); loan and credit line information; and credit cards

Also, if you’re married or in a common law relationship, both you and your spouse’s wills must detail what should happen in the following situations:

  1. If your spouse or partner predeceases you;
  2. If you predecease your spouse or partner; and
  3. If you both die at the same time.

Courtesy: Invesco Estate Record Keeper

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