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Educate clients about insurance


For many clients, insurance is an afterthought. They may not fully appreciate the critical role it can play in the short- and long-term, whether it’s life insurance for estate planning, disability insurance for business owners, or travel insurance for globetrotters.

To help facilitate your next conversations, send along a few of these Articles to get clients familiar with the different types of insurance they may be suited for:


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Prepare for tax changes to your life insurance policy

Tax consequences of transferring life insurance

Taxes and cross-border life insurance

Insurance for young newlyweds


10 no-nonsense home insurance tips

Insure your cottage properly

Protect your valuables

Art insurance: an ounce of protection


Check your insurance before travelling

Medical insurance for snowbirds

Smog insurance for your next trip to China


Companies must protect key people


Why disability insurance matters


Donate life insurance, save tax


Insure your stay-at-home spouse

Disclose risky leisure activities

How to find lost insurance

Then, try these helpful Action Steps to get the conversation started, and keep it moving:

We hope these offerings help you spark meaningful and productive conversations with your clients.