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Deal with the financial impact of tragedies


There’s a reason people often say, “Plan for the worst, hope for the best” – sometimes the worst comes to pass.

It could be a client’s company downsizes, forcing him out the door. Or someone’s health could take a turn for the worse. Or maybe, heavy debt forces a client to consider bankruptcy.

It’s never easy when the worst happens, but planning for tough situations — and knowing what to do — can make them bearable.

Get the conversation started with clients by sending them these articles, by inviting them to a presentation (we’ve prepared one for you below), or by using our other tools in meetings.

Death of a spouse

» Death and taxes: What you need to know

» Equalize an inadequate inheritance

 Losing your job

» What to do if you’ve just been fired

» When to sue your employer

Serious or chronic illness

» Alzheimer’s and your finances

» Consider long-term care assistance
 Considering bankruptcy

» Why broke people shouldn’t always choose bankruptcy

» What happens to RRSPs in bankruptcy

Need help broaching the topic with clients? Try this client email, or the conversation starters and social shares below:

Conversation starter: Consumer proposals

Conversation starters: Losing a job

Social share: Equalize an inadequate inheritance

Social share: Consider long-term care assistance

Once you’ve booked a meeting, use these tools to get your message across:

Presentation: Which type of life insurance suits you best?

Presentation: When capacity is in question

Quiz: Test your estate planning savvy

Checklist: Tips for a happy, and successful, job search

And for even more resources, check out these articles:

» Making sense of online assets

» Estate pitfalls for common-law partners