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Turn an investment loss into a win


No one wants to lose money, but you can take the sting from investment losses with a good financial plan.

There’s several ways of using capital losses for tax advantages.

Capitalize on investment losses

“When markets aren’t offering much opportunity to make money, it’s a good time to enact a tax loss selling strategy and lighten your tax burden.” Read more.

Financial stability in transitional times

“When you experience serious health issues, relationship breakdowns or the death of life partners, you need to know your finances aren’t going to let you down.” Read more.

What to do with capital gains or losses

“When you sell an asset, you have to pay tax on half your gains. If another investment lost money, it can offset your capital gains and you’ll only pay tax on half of any remaining profit.” Read more.

8 things to know when tax-loss harvesting

“Once you’ve found the stock you want to sell, check these eight things before you proceed.” Read more.

Rethink what debt costs you

“Pick up any article about personal finance and you’ll see the same story: we’re all spending too much, saving too little and carrying too much debt. While there’s power in numbers, this isn’t the best pack to run with.” Read more.