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The reasons that markets move

Fast-moving cars

Bumpy financial markets can be unpleasant, especially when headlines are forecasting doom and gloom. It’s even less pleasant when you don’t understand the reasons for the ups and downs.

To help you cut through the noise, we’ve prepared a series of explainer articles to detail the reasons behind market moves–both negative and positive. And for those who can’t stomach volatility, we define low-volatility investments.

As a bonus, we’ve also included our Economics 101 series, which looks at the forces shaping our everyday financial lives.


Reality of stock markets includes volatility

It would be nice if share prices only went up. Since that’s not the case, we look at why there are ups and downs. (If you’d like a comprehensive explanation of a stock, read this article.)

Why bond markets go up and down

These so-called safer investments are still vulnerable to swings. This piece explains the relevant factors. (If you’d like a comprehensive explanation of a bond, read this article.)

What is a low-volatility investment?

We look at what low volatility really means and how these investments work. (If you’d like a comprehensive explanation of volatility, read this article.)

Economics 101

As you’ll see, economic forces are a big part of why markets move. Need a crash course in economics? Give these articles a read:

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