Checklist: Peak earnings pitfalls

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Are you in danger of squandering your peak earnings years? This quick checklist of things people commonly do once they’re making comfortable incomes can help you answer that question.

Take a quick read through the list—if you check more than seven of the following items, speak to your advisor.

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Checklist: Peak earnings pitfalls

Are you:

  • Considering, or in the process of, a major home renovation?
  • Starting to buy luxury items that you’ve denied yourself while establishing your career?
  • Buying a vacation property?
  • Doing away with your budget now that you’re earning a lot more?
  • Paying for your kids’ vacations, cars, weddings, etc.?
  • Funding your kids’ lifestyle (e.g., paying cellphone bills, car insurance, credit cards, etc.)?
  • Spending down, or avoiding creating, an emergency fund?
  • Making only minimum payments on your mortgage?

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