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A breakdown of the financial services industry


The Canadian financial services industry serves many types of investors.

Three common groups are private clients, mass affluent clients and average retail clients, according to a recently released infographic (see below) by H2 Central. It finds private investors are often those people or groups who have assets of $1 million or more, while mass affluent investors have up to $1 million and retail clients have around $100,000 and up.

Each group can access the stock market though common products such as equities, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs. But people can also invest through insurance products and other complex instruments—depending on their needs and financial literacy levels.

As a result, says H2 Central, there are a large number of product manufacturers, brokerages, financial professionals and regulators across the country. The problem, however, is this makes it hard for people to understand how the market works, as well as how the different kinds of financial professionals are related.

To help, the group’s created an infographic that offers a bird’s eye view of Canada’s financial industry. It looks at both the insurance and investment segments, and identifies the different participants of each using colour coding.

Check out the infographic below or click here to view a pdf version.


System 1 in action

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