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Wedded bliss starts with financial candour


Most couples headed down the aisle are filled with optimism; yet, few would acknowledge that they could one day split.

But, as their advisor, it falls to you to be the realist and tell soon-to-wed clients about the benefits of prenuptial agreements.

So, here are some useful Articles and Action Steps to get those clients thinking:

A (smarter) happily ever after

Before getting married…again

Don’t marry debt

Marriage contracts are critical

Do you take this prenuptial?

Insurance for newlyweds

Advisor to Client Social share icon Social Share: Insurance for young newlyweds

Advisor to Client Social share icon Action Idea: Joint or single policy?

Advisor to Client Social share icon Conversation Starter: Review insurance needs

Manage property claims before marriage

Protect your home from divorce

We’ve also created a Presentation about why marriage contracts are worth writing. You can use it at a workshop for clients who’ve set the date. Plus, we’ve created a Planner to help you arrange a successful seminar.

During that seminar, hand out this Worksheet with scenarios that will get clients talking about whether they need prenups.

Or, for one-on-one client meetings, use this Checklist to ensure each couple has important documents like wills and powers of attorney up to date.

And to reinforce your message, send this Client Email, or this one.

And, there’s more.

This Action Step helps strike the right tone when starting a discussion about a prenup; use this Social Share to pique clients’ interests on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Beyond the prenup, we also have this Presentation on how to minimize tax if a relationship dissolves.

These tools should help you have informed and productive conversations with your clients.