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To make it easier for you to prepare meeting materials, we’ve developed these slides to help clients gather their thoughts before they discuss their estates with you. The presentation is in a Word file to make it simpler to customize the content to your clients’ needs.

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Presentation: Estate planning preparation


As a new Canadian, you will have to update your estate plan so that it’s compliant with our laws. Here are some items to think about before we meet.


To whom would you like to leave money or assets? E.g., children, spouse, other relatives or charity?


Who will be your executor? This person will be responsible for handling your estate after you’re dead. You have the option of naming more than one person, if you like.


Whom will you name as your Power of Attorney for property? This person will handle your property and assets if you’re unable to.


Whom will you name as your Power of Attorney for personal care? This person will make your healthcare decisions if you’re unable to.


Have you thought about funeral arrangements? Sorting out these details in advance can save your loved ones additional worry.

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