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To make it easier for you to prepare meeting materials, we’ve developed these slides on how to help a client buy his or her first investment property. The presentation is in a Word file to make it simpler to customize the content to your client’s needs.

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Presentation: Buying your first investment property


Buying real estate in Canada is a big decision.


You have to factor in costs, including mortgage interest, property taxes and maintenance.


Location also plays a part and can mean the difference between making a return on your investment and losing money when you sell.

So consider the pros and cons.



  • Real estate will help offset the volatility of any stocks you have in your portfolio because housing, generally, is a more stable long-term investment.
  • Supply is limited, so as demand heightens, property prices will rise.
  • Vacancy rates are at historic lows in most Canadian cities. If you choose a buy-rent-hold strategy, you should be able to charge premium rents.
  • Rental income can be used for other investments. Alternatively, it can be used to cover maintenance costs for the property.



    • You could lose money if you’re forced to sell during a market downturn.
    • If you don’t crunch the mortgage payment, maintenance costs, and property tax numbers right, you could get in over your head.


And don’t forget about insurance. It’s important to protect the property in case of damage due to tenants, weather or other causes.

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