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Money tips for millennials


Whatever your feelings on millennials, one thing’s for sure — they need financial advice. They’re living their prime years in a low-growth economy where job security and pensions are no longer givens. And in many urban areas, homeownership is merely a dream.

But it’s not all doom and gloom: millennials have time on their side. Help them make the most of it by sharing these articles relevant to their life stage.

Should you rent or buy?

Pros and cons of joint accounts

You’re not too young to talk insurance

Non-smoking pot user? Look for breaks on life insurance premiums

Do twenty- and thirty-somethings need wills?

Picking the right business school

Glossary of common investment terms

Should you choose responsible investment?

We’ve also got financial advice inspired by popular culture.

Financial advice for The Bachelor

Mindy Project gets financial advice

Fun with Advisor vs. Film

And these two videos explain the basics of two important economic concepts:

Read the transcript for explains supply and demand

Read the transcript for explains fiscal policy