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Leave a strong will


Life is busy, and you may be postponing writing or updating your will. You may not understand why having a will impacts more than who gets the silverware.

Whether it’s designating an executor, explaining how the family cottage will be shared, or securing income for a surviving spouse, you should know why wills are essential.

These articles explain why.

Do twenty- and thirty-somethings need wills?

“A will is a necessary part of estate planning, but it’s less clear at what age a will becomes necessary.” Read more.

Case study: The best laid plans…

“Alex’s failure to consider the consequences of his beneficiary designations led to an estate planning disaster. All of his estate intentions were frustrated.” Read more.

Make sure your will is crystal clear

Having a well-drafted will that clearly expresses your intentions is essential.  If you’ve written instructions someone will find confusing, they can’t ask you for clarification. It’ll be too late.” Read more.

Think before naming beneficiaries

“Designating beneficiaries is neither simple nor straightforward. And if you don’t take care to do it right, you could end up creating a variety of unintended legal, financial, and personal consequences.” Read more.

Estate planning for a blended family

“Blended families have long been familiar features of the Canadian landscape. But they can still create an extra challenge with estate planning.” Read more.

Talk inheritance with the kids

“When it comes to estate planning, both you and your children can often benefit from discussing how, when and why wealth is going to be transferred.” Read more.