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Help snowbird clients migrate south


A lot of Canadians dream of retiring in warmer climates, or at least spending substantial parts of the year away from our cold winters.

But those dreamers may not understand the true extent of the commitment, or the tax and estate implications of spending significant time outside of Canada and owning foreign property.

To that end, here are some handy Articles and helpful Action Steps to help you start these crucial dialogues.

Before clients come in to talk, send along a few of these Articles to get them familiar with the concepts you’ll be discussing:

Snowbirding 101

Buying U.S. vacation property

What snowbirds need to know about U.S. tax

Medical insurance for snowbirds

Popular snowbird destinations

Getting the car to your snowbird destination

Then, have a look at these helpful tools to get the conversation started, and keep it moving:

Advisor to Client Podcast icon
The snowbird life: frequently asked questions

Advisor to Client Conversation starter icon
Conversation Starters:
Pick the right destination
Should you rent or own?
Estate planning for snowbirds

Advisor to Client Presentation icon
Buying U.S. vacation property

Advisor to Client Checklist icon
Before heading south for the winter
Finances and documentation

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Client Email:
What you need to know about becoming a snowbird

Plus, we offer lots more Articles and Action Steps to help you give clients food for thought:

How to file taxes if you’re a snowbird

Inheriting foreign property

Are you a Canadian resident?

Extra tax for the expat

U.S. tax risk

U.S. trust technique saves tax

Taxes and cross-border life insurance

Be a wise traveller

Check your insurance before travelling

Protect your valuables

We hope these offerings help you spark meaningful and productive conversations with your clients.