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Help clients plan their estates


Ensuring the assets from your clients’ estates get into the intended hands should be easy. But it’s not.

Without careful planning, unclearly worded wills can spark challenges, ill-thought-out beneficiary selections can appear biased, and poorly executed joint-ownership documents can leave too many assets in too few hands.

Any one of these mistakes can lead to family destroying fights among heirs. And clients aren’t always keen to have these conversations, since they force them to think about their demise.

But have them they must, so AdvisorToClient’s created useful articles and helpful Action Items to help you open the dialogue.

Need some inspiring words to get clients in the door for a discussion? Try this Client Letter that extends an invitation to an estate-planning seminar – or customize it to bring them in for a one-on-one discussion.

But, before they come in to talk, send along a few articles. It’ll give them some food for thought:

Think carefully before naming beneficiaries

Case study: The best laid plans . . .

And, download some handy text you can use to customize a Presentation prior to meeting.

As an advisor, you need to sort out which of your clients will need attention on this issue soonest, so we’ve provided a Planner to speed your financial triage, along with a Worksheet for your clients to reference after they meet with you.

Further, we’ve provided three Checklists. One for families with young children, a second for those with adult children, and a third for blended families, that you can go through with client to ensure they’ve got things covered.

We hope these offerings help you spark meaningful and productive conversations with your clients.