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Help clients manage their cash flows


Even when clients set budgets, they can still overspend on discretionary purchases.

Consider a November 2015 survey that forecasted Canadian holiday retail sales would grow by 4%. That was good news for the economy, but potentially bad news for clients’ wallets. The survey suggested people were likely to spend more due to lower gas prices, higher federal child tax payments and steady employment growth.

To help clients cut spending where possible, offer guidance on cash flow tracking and planning. The goal is for people to optimize their incomes, and to ensure they consider how current spending habits impact future plans.

Pass these articles to clients to illustrate how and why cash flow management works.

The ABCs of cash flow planning

How to shrink your interest payments

And, here are more articles on how people can optimize and protect their incomes, while still meeting financial goals like saving for retirement or donating to charity.

Income sources for students

Managing debt and planning retirement

How to optimize after-tax income (for business owners)

Consider closed-end funds

Help clients share their wealth (for those who donate to charity)

8 ways to stretch retirement income

This Advisor to Client Planner iconPlanner lists four steps to take when introducing clients to cash flow management.

And these additional resources let you help people make the most of their incomes.

Advisor to Client Conversation starter iconConversation Starters


Advisor to Client Presentation iconPresentations


Advisor to Client Worksheet iconWorksheet

We hope these offerings help you demonstrate your value as well as start meaningful conversations with your clients.