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Help business owner clients structure holdings

Business Owner

Business owner clients hold a valuable asset in their hands.

Which means they need the right structure of operating companies, holding companies, and shareholder agreements and provisions, to ensure ownership or benefit of that asset can be passed to heirs.

Problem is, many business owners are so overwhelmed by the extent of the value they’ve created that they’re reluctant to consider the consequences of failing to manage its transition.

It falls to advisors to help business owners face the task of managing a process that ensures those holdings are properly structured.

To that end, here are some handy Articles and helpful Action Steps to help you start these crucial dialogues.

Before clients come in to talk, send along a few of these Articles to provide food for thought and to get them familiar with the concepts you’ll be discussing:

Then, have a look at this:

  • Planner outlining key points you need to cover in a Workshop for clients requiring partnership agreements
  • Checklist on how to develop a family share structure
  • Presentation about what constitutes a reasonable business expense
  • Client Email detailing numerous tax planning options for your business owner clients.

Plus, we offer lots more Articles and Action Steps to help you give clients food for thought:

5 ways companies can pay capital gains

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Being fair to your heirs

A holding company helps with creditor-proofing

We hope these offerings help you spark meaningful and productive conversations with your clients.