Checklist: Estates for families with young children

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Here’s what to cover off in client meetings about estate planning for families with young children, as well as some to-dos to take care of in advance to make the meeting more productive.

Important to-dos and documentation needed for your estate plan.

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Checklist: Estates for families with young children

1. General information

  • Establish estate planning goals/intentions
  • Write will
  • Write power of attorney document
  • Write health care directive/living will
  • Review will/power of attorney every three years
  • Designate estate executor (likely a trustee)
  • Communicate funeral wishes to executor and heirs
  • Gather important estate documentation in a safe place
    • Create asset inventory for executor
    • Real assets
    • Investments/securities
    • Retirement accounts
    • Insurance policies
  • Create liabilities inventory for executor (if applicable)

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