Checklist: Documents for divorce

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Here’s a list of important items and documentation needed for any divorce planning advisory session. It will help create an accurate inventory of assets (which is critical in circumstances that encourage people to be less than forthcoming), and will assist in creating a fair and equitable division of those assets.

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Checklist: Documents for divorce

1. Personal financial information

  • Tax returns and Notices of Assessment
    • Current tax year
    • Previous tax year
    • Year before that
  • Year-to-date pay stubs
  • Benefits booklet/information from your employer(s)
  • Pension information (most recent statements, actuarial statements, etc.)

2. Inventory of family real estate

  • Current property assessment of the family home
  • Current year’s property tax statement for family home
  • Current utility bills for family home
    • hydro
    • gas
    • water
    • other utilities
  • Receipts for maintenance and repair work on family home
  • Current property assessment of the vacation home
  • Current year’s property tax statement for vacation home

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