Client Email: Gather a team of experts before buying your first home

Client Email Client Email

Congratulations on deciding to buy a home! It takes a team of professionals to make a purchase successful. So I’ll be here to support you, and I can help you find or work with a lawyer, mortgage specialist and realtor.

To help you get started, I’ve put together a list of qualified professionals whom I’m confident are up to the job.

NAME: [Insert client name]

SPECIALTY: Lawyer/realtor/mortgage broker [Circle one]

CONTACT: [Insert information of expert]


  • I’ve worked with her/him in the past and they provide excellent service.
  • You mentioned working online is important, this law firm does electronic document signing.
  • This realtor specializes in the kind of home you’re looking for.
  • This broker will understand your unique financing needs.
  • This professional is in your neighborhood and has an excellent reputation.
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