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Subject Line: Why it’s smart to plan early


As a young professional, you face many tax and financial hurdles.

Paying off debt, saving for a home and planning for the long run is a lot to manage.

I’d like to set up a meeting to discuss how you can meet all these goals.

Before we meet, I’d like you to take a look at a few articles that lay the groundwork for the discussion we’ll be having:

Do twenty- and thirty-somethings need wills? “A will is a necessary part of estate planning, but it’s less clear at what age a will becomes necessary. Even among experts, there’s no consensus on when you should draft your first will. The following are two opinions to consider when making your decision.” Read more.

Investing for the long term “There is a pro and a con to being a young investor. The con is that you probably don’t have much to invest. The pro is that with the long lead time you have before you’ll actually want to tap into your retirement savings, even a small amount that’s well-invested can grow significantly.” Read more.

Tips for new investors “New investors are in a tough spot: you need to build a portfolio while stock indexes are setting records. But there are ways to find value in the market and build a correction-proof portfolio, too.” Read more.

Tax tips for new homeowners “If you’re house hunting, or you’ve recently snagged your dream home, take advantage of these helpful programs from CRA.” Read more.

Let’s talk about what we need to do now to set you on a strong financial path.



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