Checklist: Tips for a happy, and successful, job search

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Here’s a list of tips that can help make unemployment and job searching a little easier.

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Checklist – Tips for a happy, and successful, job search


Bring your advisor all job information, including pension and benefits information, and bank statements.
Review your employer’s severance offer and consider negotiating, before you sign, if some terms appear inadequate.
Decide whether to take severance as a lump sum or in installments. Installments are often more tax efficient.
Evaluate how much money you can pull from savings to sustain yourself during the job search.
Calculate whether things, such as charitable donations, that you had been claiming on your taxes would be better for your spouse to claim while you don’t have income.


Create a plan on how to start your search, including connecting with a job recruiter.
Keep a regular routine that includes meal times and exercise.
Stay positive by focusing on what you can control, like preparing for interview questions.
Avoid the tendency to withdraw and isolate yourself.
Catalogue your strengths.
Read those books you’ve been letting pile up on the nightstand.

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