Checklist: 6 questions for retirees

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Answer the following questions before creating your retirement plan.

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Checklist: 6 questions for retirees

  1. What are your hobbies or pastimes? This reveals how active you are, as well as whether hobbies drain or add to income.
  2. How often do you see family and friends? This shows how much support you have, which is important for mental health.
  3. Does your family have any history of illness, and how do you plan to stay healthy? Genetics, family history and longevity need to be determined because it provides insight on how long to run projections, based on how long you might live.
  4. How often do you exercise, and what types of activities do you do? Physical activity promotes health.
  5. What are your spending habits? You need to keep track of this each year.
  6. Have you encountered any extra expenses over the last year? A jump in spending could be due to one-time expenses, or could signal a lifestyle change.


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