Worksheet Archive

Worksheet: Tracking bond exposure

Use this planner to track which bond issues your clients own.

Worksheet: The bond risk spectrum

Where do different types of bonds fall on the risk spectrum? Use this as a handout to walk clients through their options.

Worksheet: Factor tax in real estate investing

Tax is a big concern when investing directly in residential or commercial properties. Rates can vary considerably depending on property type and location, so be sure to factor those costs into your buying decisions.

Worksheet: Canadian earnings chart

Charts like these can give clients a sense of where they stand on the earnings spectrum vis-a-vis their peers.

Worksheet: New investors budget

Download this worksheet to help new investors see where their money really goes.

Worksheet: Building a drawdown plan

Here's a worksheet that can help prepare with clients transition to retirement, you need to help them decide how much they’ll need, and when.

Worksheet: Help clients understand active share

Download this worksheet to help clients understand active share.

Worksheet: Your university budget

Here a worksheet that can help you walk a client through education savings options and achieve a better outcome.