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Planner: Time-tested investment strategies for the long term

Remaining invested in a well-diversified portfolio is the key to long-term

Planner: Talking about volatility hedging

Depending on your client’s investment objectives, risk tolerance and timeline, hedging against volatility may be a good strategy.

Planner: Peak earning years priority list

Critical to-dos for your peak earning years (and why they’re critical)

Planner: This is what an investment costs you

The inside track on how financial advisors are paid.

Planner: Proven rising-rate protection

Traditional bond strategies, with longer than average durations, may offer investors little protection against declining values during a rising interest-rate environment. How can you make the most of your fixed-income allocation now, and in the future?

Planner: Silent auction, a post-budget training reward for young investors

Here’s an idea for a fun event you can use to follow your Celebrity Budget workshop. Or you can simply hold the event on its own to create a networking opportunity for younger investor clients.

Planner: Budgeting seminar

Need to connect the planning dots about education savings options when you’re in front of clients? Use this.