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Planner: How to pitch cash flow management

To help clients save and invest efficiently, you need to understand their financial lives.

Financial Planning

Planner: Health, Wealth, Worth: The Culture Club

In business, branding matters. Customers are drawn to your products or services because of their perceived attributes.

Financial Planning

Planner: Cover yourself with capital

A major benefit to owning commercial property is that your equity can become a source of financing.

Risk Management

Planner: Pamper new parents

Your client is having a baby and you want to send something to mark the milestone. Family and friends will cover the obvious gifts, including clothing, toys and furniture, so try these ideas.

Financial Planning

Planner: 8 insurance tips for visitors to Canada

Here are some points to raise with clients whose visitors may overlook the need to purchase travel insurance.

Financial Planning

Planner: How to tackle retirement planning

Planning for retirement is no easy task. So break down people’s priorities and place them in rank order. Here are some common priorities.

Financial Planning

Planner: Work through disagreements before you’re married

Here are some ideas for holding an event geared toward soon-to-be married couples.

Financial Planning

Planner: 5 common client questions about commissions

Most clients have heard the term commission, but they may not know what it really means for advisors.

Financial Planning

Planner: 5 common client questions about fee-only compensation

Most clients come to the table knowing little about how you’re compensated.

Financial Planning

Planner: Tips to explain compensation

When explaining to clients how you’re paid, keep in mind they may be brand new to many investment concepts, including compensation.

Financial Planning