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Conversation Starter – Fixed income investments

If your client has fixed income investments, ask this question.


Conversation Starter – Factor-indexed ETFs

Ask your client, “Have you considered factor-indexed ETFs for your portfolio?”


Conversation Starter – Create a discretionary trust

Offer help if you know your client, or your client’s child, is getting married.

Financial Planning

Conversation Starter – Review insurance needs

Risk Management

Conversation Starter – How to make a power of attorney ironclad

Ask your client, “When was the last time you updated your will?”

Financial Planning

Conversation Starter – How to deal with a cross-border estate

If your client has significant U.S. assets, ask your client, “Have you discussed U.S. reporting regulations and tax laws with your executor?”


Conversation Starter – Understanding OAS and GIS clawbacks

Ask your client, “Have you considered how much OAS you’ll actually get when you retire?”


Conversation Starter – Tax break today, legacy tomorrow

If your client has concerns about family land, ask your client, “Have you considered making a donation through the Ecological Gifts Program?”

Financial Planning