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Conversation Starter: Business expenses


Conversation Starter: Shield insurance proceeds from U.S. estate tax

Did you know that a life insurance policy can result in U.S. estate tax?


Conversation Starter – Power of Attorney

Have you considered naming a power of attorney?

Financial Planning

Conversation Starter – Evaluating Money Managers

Ask your client, “Do you ever wonder how I make sure the funds I invest you in are well-run?”


Conversation Starter – Retirement stability for Gen X

If your client is a conservative investor, educate him about guaranteed income products.

Financial Planning

Conversation Starter – Small business owner

If your client is a small business owner, ask her, “Are you keeping records of all your deductible business expenses?”


Conversation Starter – Private Equity Funds

If your client is an accredited investor, or has the assets to become one, ask her, “Have you considered investing in private equity funds?”


Conversation Starter – Should you incorporate

Ask you client, “Have you considered using an investment corporation to hold your portfolio?”


Conversation Starter – Does your client have travel insurance?

If your client is planning a trip, ask your client, “Do you have travel insurance?”

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