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Conversation Starter – More Canadians are living to 100

Ask your client, “Did you know more Canadians are living to 100? Have you considered what you would do if you were to live that long?”

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Conversation Starter – More tax supports for people with disabilities

If your client has a dependant with a disability, ask your client, “Have you considered a Henson trust?”


Conversation Starter – Activist mutual funds

Ask your client, “Do you know about activist mutual funds?”


Conversation Starter – Transferring your estate assets

Ask your client, “Have you considered the best way to transfer your estate assets?”


4 ways to get clients talking about insurance

Financial Planning

Conversation Starter – U.S. tax returns

Ask your American client, “Are your U.S. tax returns up to date?”


Conversation Starter – Estate pitfalls for common-law partners

Ask your client, “Have you considered your common-law spouse in your will?”

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Conversation Starter: Divorce leaves business in limbo

If your client is in business with his spouse, ask: “Do you have a shareholders’ agreement in case of divorce?”

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Conversation Starter: Tax shelters

Ask your client, “How much do you know about the charities you donate to?”