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Conversation starter – Good to grow

Estate planning can be challenging for the most financially savvy business owner.

Risk Management

Conversation Starter – Get compliant with the IRS

If your client has an American spouse, ask your client, “Does your spouse know whether she’s considered a U.S. person for tax purposes?”


Conversation Starter – Condo investment

If your client is investing in real estate to generate rental income, ask her, “Do you worry about capital gains tax and the possibility of a CRA audit?”


Conversation Starter – High-earning spouses-to-be

If your client is getting married, ask him, “Have you considered how to merge assets with your new spouse?”


Conversation starter – Get clients to consider fixed income

Here are tips for kicking off conversations about bonds, based on some archetypal clients you likely have within your book.


Conversation Starter – Closed-end fund

Ask your client, “Do you know how a closed-end fund is different from open-end?”


Conversation Starter – When CRA gets it wrong

Ask your client, “Were CRA to audit you tomorrow, are your business records in order?


Conversation Starter – Give away assets now or later?

Ask your client, “Have you considered whether it’s better to give away assets now or later?”


Conversation Starter – Have a client with an American spouse?

Have a client with an American spouse? Ask your client, “Does your spouse hold a Canadian retirement account?”


Conversation Starter – Working Abroad

Is your client leaving to work abroad? Ask her, “Have you considered the tax implications?”