Conversation Starter Archive

Conversation starter – Consumer proposals

Need to break the ice with clients about bankruptcy and consumer proposals?

Risk Management

Conversation starter – Losing a job

Need to break the ice with clients who have recently lost their job?

Risk Management

Conversation starters – Cash flow planning

4 conversation starters you can use to bring up cash flow planning with your clients.

Financial Planning

Conversation Starter – FATCA reporting for U.S. citizens

If your client is a U.S. citizen, ask: “Are you aware of the FATCA reporting requirements for 2015?”


Conversation Starter – New spousal trust rules

If your client is in a second marriage, ask your client, “Did you know recent tax changes to trusts can affect your estate?”


Conversation Starter – Buybacks vs. Dividends

Ask your client, “Do you know the difference between a company returning excess cash as dividends or as a buyback?”


Conversation Starter – When to use incentive trusts

Ask your client if they plan to spend their wealth, transfer their wealth or do a combination.