Conversation Starter Archive

Conversation Starter – Buybacks vs. Dividends

Ask your client, “Do you know the difference between a company returning excess cash as dividends or as a buyback?”

Conversation Starter – The stability of private real estate investment pools

Ask your client, “Did you know there’s an alternative to REITs that may be better in a volatile market?”

Conversation Starter – How politics impact markets

Ask your client, “Do you worry about the effect of world politics on the markets?”

Conversation Starter – The search for uncorrelated assets

The search for uncorrelated assets

Conversation starter – Open up to alternative investments

If you don’t know where to start the alternative investments discussion, try these conversation starters.

Conversation Starter – Tax and estate issues with stock options

Ask your client, “Have you considered the tax implications of your stock options?”

Conversation Starter – Using whole life insurance

Ask your client, “Did you know you can use insurance to invest in the market?

Conversation Starter – Prepare for interest rate risk

Ask your client, “Have you considered what happens to your mortgage and investments when interest rates change?”

Conversation Starter – High-earning spouses-to-be

If your client is getting married, ask him, “Have you considered how to merge assets with your new spouse?”

Conversation starter – Get clients to consider fixed income

Here are tips for kicking off conversations about bonds, based on some archetypal clients you likely have within your book.