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Email your Clients: Avoid costly tax mistakes

Send clients this email to avoid tax season mistakes.

Client email – Helping new Canadians

Clients who are new to the country need your guidance most as they settle into their new homes and organize their finances under its rules.

Email Your Clients: Give pro clients a leg up

We’ve talked about how busy life as a professional can be.

Client email – Taxes and your legacy

Your clients feel secure their legacies will be carried out because they’ve written wills. But whether their last wishes are actually carried out depends on whether they’ve thought their desires through, and taken tax into consideration.

Client email – Estate taxes

Settling an estate is a stressful responsibility at a somber time. From minimizing tax to distributing the estate and filing a terminal return, there’s much to be dealt with.

Email Your Clients: Tax tips for the landlord

Being a landlord comes with a lot of responsibility. Good landlords care about the upkeep of their properties, and by extension, the well being of their tenants.

Email Your Clients: Cross-border tax tips

Canadian society welcomes those from other countries who decide to make a home here. And CRA welcomes them too—as a potential revenue source.

Client email – Family tax advice

Family life can be hectic. From after-school activities to taking care of the house and saving for the future, there’s a lot to manage.

Email Your Clients: Get every deduction you’re entitled to

Help clients maximize tax deductions.

Client email – Tax planning for business

Business owners are busy, but they still appreciate learning concrete ways to stay on strong financial footing—especially when it comes to filing taxes effectively.

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