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Client Email – What you need to know about becoming a snowbird

Here’s some sample wording you can use in a client email aimed at starting the discussion about snowbirding.

Financial Planning

Email Your Clients: Be smart with stocks

Your clients are probably more familiar with how stocks and the stock market work than they are with other more exotic types of investments. But chances are they’re missing some nuances about how to most effectively trade equities.


Client email – Follow up on charitable giving discussion

To save you time, we’ve created emails you can personalize and send to clients on the important topics they want your guidance on.

Financial Planning

Client email – Set off on a new financial path

Whether it's a changing economy, retirement, family problems or unexpected expenses, you re-evaluate clients' financial plans when circumstances change.

Financial Planning

Client email – Be a wise traveller

Help your clients get the most out of their travels by making sure they're stress free.

Risk Management

Email Your Clients: Peak earning years pitfalls

Here’s some sample wording you can use in a email aimed at connecting with a client in their peak earning years or one that is approaching these years.


Client email – Helping new Canadians

Clients who are new to the country need your guidance most as they settle into their new homes and organize their finances under its rules.

Financial Planning

Client email – Powerful digital tools

Technology makes us productive while freeing us from the office, but those benefits comes a responsibility to organize our electronic legacy.

Financial Planning

Email Your Clients: Leave a strong will

Life is busy, and your clients may be postponing writing or updating their wills.

Financial Planning

Email Your Clients: Be a blue-sky investor

The market is crowded, and your clients may worry they don’t have access to the best investments. Show them there’s plenty of unclaimed territory.