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Checklist: Buying a home? Have copies of these documents ready for your lender.

Share this checklist with clients who are thinking of buying a home

Checklist: 6 questions for retirees

Answer the following questions before creating your retirement plan.

Checklist: Update the estate plan as your family grows

Use this checklist as a guide to help your clients keep their estate plan up-to-date.

Checklist – Finding retirement income

Here's a list of steps clients can take to stretch retirement incomes. Go over each option if clients are worried they won't meet post-work financial needs.

Checklist – Marriage preparation

Here's a downloadable list of some financial items that clients should think about before marrying.

Checklist – Minimize executor liability

Here’s a list of best practices executors should use to keep beneficiaries happy as the estate is settled. Review it with your clients with executor responsibilities.

Checklist – Explaining compensation to clients

To make what could be a complicated conversation about your compensation more streamlined, make sure you cover these points during the meeting.

Checklist – Snowbird finances and documentation

Here’s a list of must do items and documentation that should be reviewed by snowbirds prior to migrating south for the winter.